Some businesses find that their new employees lack basic interpersonal skills such as cooperative skills. What are the causes? Suggest possible solutions. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

We always heard that practice makes a man perfect. Some businesses are finding fresher employees are lacking in interpersonal skills such as communication skills and decision-making skills . Most of the times it's happening due to lack of experience. Let us discuss the reasons and some possible solutions with relevant examples. To begin with, when any company hires a new employee , they train their employee to make them working in all kind of situations. For instance, the G4s security company has offices in Canada and the USA and this company is known for its employee's customer skills and hard work. Somehow, freshers need some experience to learn co-operative skills and it is not their fault because they can not learn all from theoretical knowledge. They do not have that confidence initially to make any decisions which they gain with time. Consequently, employees face awkward situations in their workplace because they are not well prepared and get accused by their employers. To overcome this situation, the education system should include subject especially interpersonal skills because they need the most when they will apply for any kind of job. The worker will have enough confidence to handle the situations and they will know a little bit in advance how to interact with clients. Another solution could be that they should be working as a trainee for a few months in office. To put it in a nutshell, new member lack sometimes in co-operative and other decision-making skills. They can learn with the time to make important decisions which can benefit an organisation. The employer also should co-operate with their workers in their initial working period.
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