In order to solve traffic problems, governments should tax private car owners heavily and use the money to improve public transportation. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution?

The Globalization and Industrialization brought us so many advantages,
as development in people's lifestyle on a larger scale, advanced communication and technology in our palm. But, it
disrupted the environment within a couple of decades. People often suggest Governments shall collect tax from private vehicle owners to reduce traffic and invest to improve public transports. We can have a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of imposing high levy in order to reduce the traffic.
, the idea to impose a high tariff on private cars could reduce the movement significantly and
, traffic can be under control.
, the wide coverage of public transport service can help the population to get the habit of using common transport modes,
as rail and the bus.
For Instance
, a bus can carry 40 headcounts, which occupies not more than the double size of a car, which is used by an individual.
, it would
help to boost our economy and to be non-reliant on fossil fuels,
as hydrocarbon and coal. The private transit
needed for some reasons,
as after an increase in populace, the residential areas were expanded widely and
everyone cannot rely on public transportation.
, it could create a negative impact by forcing everyone to use the single mode of the move,
everyone should stay within the city limit.
For instance
, in Singapore, the road duty for a car is one of the highest in the world, where the tax will cost you same the price of your car,
Government implemented the regulation in order to reduce the number of cars, it enormously increased city community,
real estate has become expensive.
evolution definitely affects the citizens by increasing financial burden. At
, various mode of transit
to be considered,
as road, water and rail to get well prepared before the shift. As a conclusion, larger populace considers
movement by the nation would be cumbersome because there are many factors to be considered before implementation,
as infrastructure and wide coverage of common transit.
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