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Some people think that governments shall implement strict taxes to vehicles owners as a mean to improve public transportation and fix traffic issues. In this essay I will disscuss both perspectives, and state the main ad
Nowadays, traffic congestions have been became a significant dilemma in the communities. one of the suggestions for reducing this phenomenon is to impose tax private car owners to improve public transportation by governm
It is quite common these days for the Vietnamese government to tax private car owners heavily and use the money to improve public transportation to solve traffic problems. This essay will discuss the benefits and drawbac
The number of cars in the road has increased drastically over these years. More people are opting to get their own cars however the increase of cars in the roads have caused traffic problems. There are certain advantages
At present, we are all concerned about bottlenecks, especially in urban areas. One possible solution to this problem is to impose heavy taxes on car drivers and use this money to ameliorate public transport better. This
Nowadays one of the noticeable problems is traffic congestion. To tackle this issue, there is an idea expressing imposing a heavy tax on private car ownership by the government would be the solution. This essay will disc
Indeed, government should impose heavy taxes on private car owners in order to improve public transportation. There are numerous factors contributing towards it that solve traffic issues. Now adays every private car owne
Nowadays, traffic congestion is a huge problem and governments try to take action to find a solution. One of them is developing public transportation system with funds which come from the taxes of individual car owners.
Many solutions have been offered to solve traffic congestion. Imposing a hefty tax on private cars and devoting that money to facilitate public transportation by governments is one of them. This step will have pros and c
The government ought to implement high taxes on private automobile owners and utilize the profits to develop public transportation in order to address the traffic issues. This in turn has various benefits and drawbacks.
The last decade has seen a tremendous increase in the number of private cars running on the roads. Many people suggest that the government should increase the excise duty on private car owners and the revenue thus genera
One of the solution to reduce the congestion on roads from governments is to increase the tariff on individual cars and spent more investment on public transports. This essay will examine the benefits and drawbacks from
In the modern world, many countries have a common challenge associated with traffic congestion, so government should impose a new tax rate for car owners which is heavier than the last one and then transform all these ta
In the modern world, many countries have a common challenge associated with traffic congestion, so government should impose a new tax rate for car owners which is heavier than the last one and then transform all these ta
Nowadays, as the world's prosperity grows, there is a continuously increasing trend in the rate of those travelling by thier own vehicles. However, this action contributes to numerous affects to many aspects and chief am
One of the most important problems facing developing and developed countries is traffic jam. Governments of these countires are required to solve this problem. Most of the countries are going toward making people who are
Government should impose additional taxes on the owners of private cars to fund the public infrastructure. Although this measure offers several benefits, the drawbacks should also be kept in consideration. This essay wil
Charging private car holders with excessive levies and transferring the revenue generated in enhancing public transportation,is not a good idea to solve transit issues.This may reduce the number of privately owned commut
Traffic is a problem that many countries are facing these days. Therefore, in order to tackle these problems, many experts recommend that governments should charge high taxes to their citizens and utilise the same money
Traffic problems have become a controversial issue for governments to tackle. One of the solutions is through the tax penalty for those who own a private car and spend the money on public transportation enhancement. In m
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