Some people think that there are things individuals can do to help prevent global climate change. Others believe that action by individuals is useless and irrelevant and that it is only governments and large businesses which can make a difference. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

While some people believe that certain imperative actions could be taken by the individuals to cope-up with these issues, others argue that the responsibility solely falls on the administrative authorities as our efforts are insignificant. In my opinion, the government and people have to share the burden to overcome this serious issue. The following script will discuss both the views and shall present the reasons for my argument. We as inhabitants of this world hold the responsibility of saving it as well. For this, certain crucial steps are inevitable to be taken by the individuals against this climate change pandemic. Which means that we must play our part towards saving our planet in every possible way, for example, by planting the trees, recycling garbage and avoiding plastic products which need to be disposed of by burning. Such constructive measures would definitely be helpful towards saving nature by mitigating the pollutants and other causes for it. Hence, each one of us has to play a role in it. On the other hand, the advocates of the other side say that our struggles and contributions towards this issue are not justified; instead, the government should come forward to serve. Which is to say that we have no idea how to mitigate the contributing factors and we need proper guidance before working on it. Therefore, the legislator bodies should come up with the solutions, for instance, by banning the plastic bags, preventing cutting the trees and also supporting the campaigns to promote tree plantation. However, any of these steps is not implementable without our help. To conclude, although there is a two-way opinion on whether the individuals should contribute their effort towards climate change or the government should be held responsible. I propose that both of us, the administrative authorities and the people should come hand-in-hand to cope up with this widespread problem of climate change.
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