Some people believe that country economy is the only thing to measure the growth of the country. Others think that other factors are also important to measure the progress of the country. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The economy of a country is believed to be the only parameter to determine the growth of a country by certain people. In contrast, others suggest that there are more aspects to be analysed in order to measure a nation's progress. Although the economy is without a doubt an important factor, I support the idead that every aspect of a country should be verified separately to deeply comprehend the whole scenario. The first point of view usually suggest that the economy is the result of the complete situation the nation. To support this idea, they claim that a good economy is a product of a government that supports their educational system, health system and so on. For example, it is believe that the people wealth is the achievement of a good education and availability of opportunities. However, this assumption is usually wrong, even though there are definately a link between them. On the other hand, people who decide that other factors are also important to verify this matter generally support the idea that different areas can grow separately. In fact, the different systems of a country can progress individually, although they support each other's progress. For example, to improve a school or the whole educational sector a government should use the money provided by taxes; if they manage to focus on one particular sector they may prejudice others aspects of the nation, even if these areas support each other. As a result, is incorrect to believe that one single aspect could provide the whole picture of the situation. In conclusion, although both views have valid points to support their opinions, I think that observing only the country's economy is a very superficial analysis. Moreover, if someone requires a specific data of a sector to manage better their resources, these informations will not be available. In short, the best practice is always analyse each sector individually, otherwise the results could be misleading.
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