Some people are making new friends by socializing network websites and internet chat rooms. Some people say that this is a good thing. Other people opine that people should make new friends by face to face chat. Discuss both views and given your own opinion.

The advent of social network has made individuals mingle with many international people and thus help in making friendships. A set of people are of the idea that fresh friends can be easily made from the internet, whereas others opine that initiating friendship through real-world meetings are beneficial. I am inclined towards the latter idea. Through this essay , I would discuss both the views and conclude. On one hand , online friendships are easily habituated due to the following reasons. Firstly, through social media websites like Facebook,Instagram and Twitter people are getting in touch with like-minded individuals so they are instantly initiating the friendships easily. Secondly , no time is wasted in organising a meeting place and no caste and creed are judged during the conversations. Thirdly ,economic status does not come into the picture. Due to these advantages ,many young people are attracted to online friendships. On the other hand, friendships started by face to face has many benefits.To start with we can personally connect to the person and speak to him so that we will actually know his inside and outside behaviour. For example, we can call them in an emergency and also help them when they are in need which exactly suits the phrase "A friend in need is a friend indeed" . Real-world friendships are always long-lasting because we will be able to meet them on several occasions as well. To sum up, I strongly believe that despite online friendship can be started easily, friends who are made offline are the ones who will be there in our hard times.As friends are the one on whom we depend after our family, I would suggest taking care while forming the bonds.
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