People doing dangerous sports activities like scuba diving and bungi jumping, they should be responsible for their own life and rescue workers should not risk their lives to save people. Do you agree or disagree?

People attain harmful activities
as scuba diving and bungee jumping, due to
, they are should save their life by yourself, whereas rescuers will attend in a dangerous situation and help them to keep alive. I totally disagree with
statement, because people can not save themselves in unexpected situations.
, mostly
activists get in trouble through the defective work of the essential sports equipment.
, people take part in that kind of activities, whereas they are can not control the unpleasant changes which is could happen around them.
, if they are staying alone in
a problem, there has no other way, how to get well from that kind of condition.
For example
, there might be a harmful climate change,
as the storm, or a very strong flow of water.
, in that kind of an issue, the layer needs some extra help from outside.
, a wider range of problems in these dangerous activities causes concerning the wrong work of the user equipment,
as a breathing outfit or a mask.
, rescue workers can easily and fast bring not broken one and save someone's life. According to
, savers can keep sportsman's life and earn money for
labour. To conclude, lifesavers should preserve other people's lives, according to their job and enormous situations which is can appear suddenly.
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