These days, we are seeing an increasing amount of violence on television, and this is having a negative impact on children's behaviour. Do you agree or disagree?

Television is considered as one of the most favourable pastimes, especially in the cities with limited space.
, displaying an increasing amount of violence on TV shows embarks a negative impact on children's behaviour. While some people deem to limit
content, others want their kids to be aware of their surroundings.
I support the latter view, still I reckon that violent content should have a specific age-capping.
, children comprehend a majority of learnings from whatever they observe in their daily lives. In today's lifestyle where parents are indulged in their career, they often leave the child unattended, thereby exposing them either to the uncensored information on digital media or video games that promote the notion of violence.
information is readily available nowadays on different mediums must be strictly monitored.
For example
, platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime have a separate kids section which comprises of all kinds of knowledgeable yet fun-loving acts as per their age group.
is beneficial in keeping them busy as well as feeding limited information as per their understanding.
On the contrary
, it is equally important for children to understand the real manner in which a society operates.
, preventing them from all the hurdles in lieu of enabling them to face the challenges themselves, will not only make them coward but
will hamper their confidence.
certainly does not imply that no censorship is required at all.
For example
, in the
-world countries like Bangladesh,Thailand are known for ever-rising crimes against children
, it is the society's responsibility to generate awareness in the younger generation amongst generic concerns
as child-abuse, child-labour and many more. In
way, kids will feel more open and connected with their families as well. I believe, after reaching the teenage, it is an adolescent's right to understand these challenges. In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that at the right age, parents need to encourage their offsprings for being self-dependent or at least try to be one.
, barring extremely harsh is important but
should not deprive the youngsters to be vigilant about their surroundings too.
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