Some people think that a person improves intellectual skills better when doing group activities. To what extent do you agree? Use specific details and examples to explain your view.

We all agree that man is a social animal and is difficult to live all alone.
feels more true when today most of us are working in a corporate atmosphere. Many believe that an individual improve their cognitive abilities better when working collaborating with others, while others may feel
. Let us discuss both the positive and negative aspects of performing activities in a
from the standpoint of improving our intellectual prowess and why I feel that working in a
is more advantageous in the long term. When collaborating together for a project at a workplace, we tend to be swayed by the most influential person, and without the mentality of being a cloud pleaser, we may tend to agreed his ideas and viewpoints.
is a common scenario at most workspaces and most people.
For instance
, in 'The Workplace' an HR magazine, it states that 56% of all
decisions are taken by the same individual in every meeting even though there is no boss in the
, it is clear that decisions in a
can be highly swayed by the dominant people and others may not feel the drive to share their viewpoints.
, there are several positive aspects to working in a
as well. No two people in a
can have exactly the same mindset and collaborating together gets people to learn the art of cooperation. In fact, major corporation and hiring managers ensure that teams involve a diverse set of people who bring different ideas and fresh perspective on the table.
, working in a
setting makes people respect other peoples ideas and perspectives as well as build on their own intellectual abilities,
is a very valuable skill not just at workplace but every aspect of life. To summarise, I believe,
working in a
can have its own challenges, like one person overtaking the whole activity, there are clear benefits of gaining those valuable social skills for people and to grow their intellectual abilities who put in the effort to become part of that team activity.

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