Completing university education is thought by some to be the best way to get a good job. On the other hand, other people think that getting experience and developing soft skills is more important. Discuss both sides and give your opinion

While some think that a diploma is essential for people to get a brilliant job, others argue that it is more significant to build strong skills and gain experience at work. The following essay will examine both these opinions, and I will
explain why I believe higher
is crucial.
To begin
with, there is a variety of jobs where it is important to have
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a great

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experience rather than solid theoretical knowledge. To put it differently, almost all customer-facing positions require several years of experience in the same field from applicants, as it is extremely hard to understand
domain based on the knowledge from educational materials. As a case in point, a customer success manager must understand how to build a strong relationship with a client, and for
purpose, he should know humans' psychological factors.
As a result
, a person with a university certification will probably less attractive than someone who passed through the real complications and difficulties of
On the other hand
, one predominant nuance which contributes to the beneficial aspects of higher
is the fact that for a multitude of companies a diploma is still a mandatory criterion to accept an applicant.
In other words
, while searching for a position on special websites, it is almost impossible to find a job description without the mandatory requirement of a master's degree in the related field. To illustrate
, I work in a multinational company, which has clients all over the world, so the employees have frequent business trips, which are impossible without a business visa, and
can be obtained only with a higher
, from my point of view, even in case a person has brilliant skills in some domains, he potentially cannot pass through the
step of the hiring process. In conclusion, we are all too familiar with the pressing dilemma is whether it is better to pursue higher
or start gaining real knowledge. While some people claim that the
option is more efficient to get a great job, I totally believe that it is significant to obtain a diploma, as many corporations still rely on
nuance while searching for potential employees.

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