The growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in towns and cities closing Do you agree or disagree ?

There has been a surge in online shopping in the
two decades, providing users with options to buy goods and services.
, I disagree with the statement that online shopping can lead to the shutdown of shops in towns and cities. Undoubtedly, the Online mode is most suited for buying Air and Movie tickets without the hassle of going to a travel agent or a theatre.
is a huge advantage given the hassle of traffic congestions in cities and towns and the amount of time it takes to travel.
, Items manufactured only at a particular location can
be made available through an online channel and can be ordered to be shipped to any address.
For Instance
, An item manufactured only in China can be viewed by the user on the website and
can purchase it to be shipped to the United States.
On the other hand
, Some items should not be purchased online, in my view.
For example
, I had a size issue with the shoe purchased online on two occasions.
, One cannot have a sales staff's guidance for online shopping, which is indeed a pleasure for the shoppers. Another point is, only half of the world's population has access to the Internet.
, growing online frauds and crimes causes concerns for both purchasers and retailers. In conclusion,
online shopping has made the lives of people comfortable for obtaining some goods and services, It can never wholly replace shops in cities and towns. Shoppers will leverage both online and offline channels for their needs.

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