Some people think job satisfaction is more important than job security, while others believe that having a permanent job is better than enjoying the job. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is often argued whether people should opt for satisfying or secured career paths. I believe both sides are important to enjoy life and sustaining a suitable balance of ourselves is essential. Passion towards jobs is crucial. While people spend most of their day at work, doing enjoyable work contents are easier to pass time. Positions involving strenuous participation
as researchers and athletes are supported by strong willpower to achieve their goals.
, the rewards of fulfilment from working life spur people to dedicate themselves. The film industry,
for example
, which risks tremendous investment of funds and manpower as well as unpredictable sales, has profound impacts on culture and leads zeitgeist by successful movies.
On the other hand
, livelihood is not negligible to surviving. It is practical to secure a constant income for sustainable life. Raising children,
for instance
, entails continuous expenditures for few decades to provide our descendants with a healthy upbringing.
In addition
, all posts are casting our economy and society together. Even some of them may seem repetitive and dull like janitors and security staff, they are beyond dispute vital to keep the globe spinning.
, most work could be fascinating if you become an expert on it. Myself as an accounting staff, find it absorbing to forge effective, cost-saving working standard procedures for daily routines. In conclusion, either satisfaction or stability of works is of importance to breadwinners.
it is not possible to find a perfect position, workers should strive to maximise their well-being and strike a balanced proportion of both factors.

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