Some people think that instead of preventing climate change, we need to find a way to live with it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people suggest that seeking a way to go along with
crisis outweigh prevention of it. I oppose
view and believe we should take bolder action towards it.
and foremost,
change is detrimental. Researches and studies have proved that
breakdown will lead to the devastation of human civilisation. The escalating increase of temperatures,
for example
, which contribute to glaciers melting and sea level rising will sink seashores and islands underwater and force people to emigrate and lose inhabitable lands.
, extreme weather which has become more frequent and common is causing floods, land sliding and droughts.
, deforestation due to the needs for human inhabitation is
deteriorating air quality and accelerating pollution.
, there will be no place for us to survive.
, despite the impractical idea of living with it,
change is still reversible. In the past decades, governments have set up goals and aim for the target to keep temperatures rise under 2 degree. If we could keep carbon underground by eliminating fossil fuel usage and planting trees,
for instance
, the nature circle could regain its resilience and sustainability. In fact, people have been living with gradual
emergency for years and realised more drastic and pragmatic.
, fostering the transition of renewable energy and sustainable food system by stopping the funding of high-polluting industry and fishing are strongly appealed for. In conclusion, I believe intervention is a better measure to protect our environment and keep it inhabitable for
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, both the government and individuals should work together to achieve the goals.

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