You work for an international company. You have seen an advertisement for a training course which will be useful for your job. Write a letter to your manager. In your letter • describe the training course you want to do • explain what the company could do to help you • say how the course will be useful for your job

Dear Hassan, Hope
email finds you well. I would like to inform you that I am planning to start an interesting professional development course in insurance called CII. CII is a well-recognized insurance certificate issued by Oxford University.
training will broaden my knowledge in
field by practising enormous case scenarios and how others deal with them based on their experience and theoretical guidelines. The course will start
month from 3 PM to 7PM every Monday and Wednesday and will
for 10 weeks.
, I would like to take your permission to leave early twice a week before 2.30 PM.
course is essential for training the staff in the new department for insurance disability that will open in the near future. As you may know that our organization is a well-reputed company in
field and our target is always to enhance our team quality in order to reflect in the company profit. I am looking forward to your approval and please let me know if you need any
details. Yours faithfully, Aya
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