Some people feel that entertainers such as film stars, pop musicians or sports stars are paid too much money. Do you agree or disagree? Which other types of job should be highly paid?

There has been a contagious argument that celebrities working in the entertainment industry are greatly overpaid. I am inclined to the view that they are justifiably paid and
there are other kinds of employments that should earn as much money as the mentioned stars. The cogent reason why that it is acceptable for entertainers to have huge income bases on their continuous, considerable effort .
, before reaching their prime time, they must have been trained continuously to improve their physical capabilities.
For instance
, musicians are obliged to test out various tones, thinking out lyrics while athletics need to build up their muscles, strengths and stamina painstakingly to achieve success for a long period. Another factor contributing to their high salaries is that given the fame, celebrities’ daily lives are put under scrutiny, which means that their personal privacy is invaded around the clock. Not only do they have to endure strenuous tasks physically but, their mentality is
under threat. In return, the money which the stars earn would compensate the aforementioned loss.
entertainers, there are different jobs that should
be highly paid. One of them comes from those who are working in the medical field
as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and so forth. Given the pandemics, humans’ lives are at risk, henceforth, those people are on duty to cure, save and come up with a solution to the recent chaos on a large scale.
, the educational staff ought to have a higher income. Their job is to educate and shape the children’s minds, which requires devotion and creativity. So larger salaries would incentivize educators to work harder, thereby making the learning process more fascinating for students. In conclusion, I believe that stars namely actors, musicians, athletics having an enormous income is justifiable in terms of their undeniable effort.
, other types of employment
as those who are in the medical or educational field need to have a greater salary.

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