: Your children go to a local school that requires volunteers to accompany school science trips. Write a letter to the school to apply to be a volunteer. In the letter: - Introduce yourself and give details of your children who attend the school - Explain why you are interested in the position - Talk about any relevant experience that you have with children Write about 150 words.

Hello sir,
is James Austin from the Newyorkshire region and my children Samantha and Jonason are studying in the 5th grade of your school.I am writing
letter to express my willingness to volunteer for the school science trips.
To begin
with, it would be my humble pleasure if I am given
opportunity to accompany students on
, I will get ample time to spend with my kids .
, the school that provides education to my children I feel
is the best way by which I can pay back by providing my valuable time to your institution.
, you will be happy to know that I have
worked as a museum instructor for about a year during my early days after completing my studies so I am having enough experience in handling children independently.I assure your institution ,that I will perform the task assigned to me in the best possible way .I am willing that I will get a positive affirmation from your institution to work as a volunteer. Awaiting to hear a response from your side soon. Yours faithfully, Jagjit
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