Traffic and accomodation problems are increasing and government should encourage some businesses to move from cities to rural areas. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Nowadays, the transportation and the parking issues are raising and the government should influence certain firms to change their location from the busy area to village areas.There are several benefits and little drawbacks and will discuss as detailed in the following paragraphs.
and foremost, major towns may get large space for conveyance since the companies are reassigned to another place and
will help to avoid huge blocks on the road.
implementation helps society to save the consumption of fuel and can earn more money as well.
For instance
,In Kerala, one of the main cities named Cochin functioned
year in a crowded junction where the public suffered a lot to move in the office time but now there is no
block on the road and everyone can easily drive towards their points.
method will decrease the pollution and makes clean air
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the land in terms of stopping productivity by the companies in rushed areas.
In addition
, vehicle parking spots are available more if the building is removed and it turns to fast travel.
On the other hand
, the manufacturing units or shops may face
a huge losses
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a huge loss
huge losses

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in terms of selling and purchasing products from the customer and it will affect their income to down.They
need to invest and
find additional funds to shift to another atmosphere for building a new warehouse or an office.Another important problem is the existing employees may travel for long if the new premises is too far
, skilled labours may try to seek another job which around in the main area.
For example
,in my area, a company swift to other places with more than ten employees but most of them resigned due
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to the

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transportation is not available to that place. In conclusion, we have discussed many positive sides and negative sides on
topic but the pros points surpass the cons since I stick with the benefits.
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