Climate change is a phenomenon that affects countries all over the world. Many people strongly believe that it is the responsibility of individuals, rather than corporations and governments, to deal with this problem. To what extent do you agree?

There has been a rising danger to countries around the world, which is climate
. It is aimed that people are responsible to deal with
issue individually, not depending on any other factors. In my opinion, I argue with
view and believe that corporations are strongly needed to get the problem solved because there is barely any success that could be done by only one person. I will explain my reasons in
essay. For the
rationale, working together is one of the most massive and important factors to solve climate
. Individuals could make effort to help the
, but just with
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unnoticeable proportion because they have got no influence to tell people to save the world that they are living in. The main key here is to encourage a significant amount of society to corporate in order to make a significant
to the
, the problem could be effectively solved and various regions might regain their economics.
For example
, currently, there are many volunteering activities are held on Nha Trang’s beaches, which are picking up trashes, tidying the scenery and making banners to encourage the visitors not to litter there again.
As a result
, after a period, those beaches are famous for their new and clean appearances;
, help the other areas to follow making more
volunteering activities.
On the other hand
, laws
carry significant responsibilities which are punishing and charging any behaviours that make harm to the
. There is a variety of industrial factories that pollute the water coming from the nearby resources by dumping toxic liquids, which has done many unpredictable dangers to the
. The situation is made worse when it is a lack of attention coming from the government that they have made no punishment at all and those liquids keep being allowed to harm the water sources.
For instance
, if the environmental protection policies are enacted, those factories would not be dare to keep doing that action, and it is essential for them to find another manufacturing eco-friendly method. In conclusion, because corporations and laws are the main keys to
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, I strongly disagree that individuals are more important than others. I would suggest that more policies should be enacted and encourage more citizens to protect the
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