A museum near your home is looking for people to do part-time voluntary/unpaid work. You would like to do some voluntary/unpaid work at the museum. Write a letter to the museum director to apply for the voluntary/unpaid work. In your letter, explain why you want to do voluntary/unpaid work at the museum describe some skills and qualities you have that would be useful give details of when you would be available for work Write at least 150 words. You do NOT need to write any addresses. Begin your letter as follows: Dear Sir or Madam,

Dear Sir, I am writing
letter to apply because I have a keen interest in the vacant post for the museum as a part-time worker, which is near to my residence.
, the reason behind being a part of the museum is that I am more influenced by the history of our nation, and doing some voluntary work would help me to learn more about our history.
, I have experience exhibiting different ancient things because I have studied history and arts. There, I have learned tons of things that how to rearrange the masterpieces with relevant information and display them to attract tourists and I believe we can apply the same pattern in
museum as well to attract foreigners. I can
be part of the backend team if they would be requiring any help in managing data.
, I might not available on weekdays but I will be available on weekends, and if time allows me
I will try on weekdays as well. I am waiting for your positive response. Yours Sincerely, Swati Arora
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