Young people learn more about good behavior from books or films/movies than they learn from real-life experiences. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

With the explosion of the publishing and cinema industry in recent decades, youngsters are choosing digital and printing content
as novels and movies to learn positive behaviours rather than real-life cases like people in the past. Several individuals agreed with
the opposite one
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not. In my perspective, both approaches should be considered in terms of their unique effectiveness. On the
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hand, literary masterpieces and films give more
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and certificated knowledge
as well as
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easier effort to practice behaviours.
For instance
, a book and film ’s contents must be well reviewed by the publisher, so that only qualified content appears on it.
, most knowledge on those platforms is gathered from renowned people or university studies which took a long period for them to realize and conclude. Readers and watched do not have to experience those difficulties and have
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to search and practice more behaviours. On the
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hand, real-life experiences deliver specific
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of behaviour which
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sometimes unlisted or unrecorded in studies.
, most printed works are established to provide general situations and may not be accurate to the reader’s conditions. A good example can be witnessed in civilians living in modest nations who can’t acquire the behaviour of developed ones namely drinking coffee in the morning or spending time for golf.
, the guides from volumes and movies may not be correct
in particular
circumstances which can only be observed in
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real life
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. In conclusion, both methods have their own advantage despite the trend to use movies and tome as a way to learn positive stories from young people. They should not underestimate the position of
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practical knowledge
as a result
of their value in specific and unlisted publication
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