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Some public believe that teenagers can get an education about how to be better people and have nice habits from reading books or watching films/movies in a better way from actual life experiences. Although I agree that
It is a common belief that teenagers are better at attitudes from books or movies than studying from real-life acquaintances. However, I firmly believe that the best way to become good at style is by learning and taking
Books and films teach good behaviour to teenagers instead of they learn from real-life experiences. I agree with the statement because young ones are more inclined towards academic books and movies and they indulge in t
After returning to Indonesia, he played an important role in advancing Tebuireng Pesantren. He not only assisted Hasyim Asy’ari to teach in this pesantren but also was involved in developing the curriculum and representi
Part of our upbringing nowadays relies on life lessons borrowed from multimedia content. It is thus assumed that books and films teach today's youth more about benign behaviour than real-life experiences. While movies a
Good manners have attracted ever-increasing public concerns in many countries. Whether these manners are learned more from books or films/ movies or real-life experiences is a controversial issue. In this writing, I enti
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