Write a letter to your colleague from another department asking him/her to give presentation at a conference. In your letter say : 1. What is the conference about 2. Why do you want him/her to give the presentation 3. What arrangements will you have to make

Dear Mr/Mrs Smith, I am writing
letter to inform you that we have a conference
week in our company and I want you to give a speech at
meeting. The
thing I would like to tell you is that
meeting is about the environmental problems
as pollution in which we will discuss these issues with the public authority and give them some advice to curb
problem. I would be thankful if you could give a presentation because you have good communication skills to present a speech in front of senior company members.
, you are working for an NGO .
,you can easily discuss these issues in your speech. I will need to manage the lunch for the people who will attend the meeting.
, I will arrange a special event in which company members will show the effects of pollution to an audience. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Mark Jones
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