Some people think that video games are advantageous, while others believe video games are harmful to the people who play them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

These days, it is undeniable that
are playing a key role in a large number of people's lives, particularly kids. Some see that they should be highly appreciated because, for ages, they have been really useful to children, whereas others believe that they are incredibly disadvantageous and playing them has been a big issue that must be solved and alleviated. In my opinion, I see that playing
has a lot of pros and benefits despite it might have been only negative online activity for a long period. On one side, there are several reasons why many people tend to opine that
are beneficial and help their children to mitigate a big number of problems. The prominent one is the improving the body state generally, as they develop both the mental and physical health, and
a lot of parents use them to get rid of their kids as long as they can.
In addition
, they improve the mentality by broadening the horizons of gamers along with the advantage that they help make the time run out faster.
For example
, for me, whenever I feel bored and need to let the time goes more quickly, I just stay for hours on an electronic playing or match.
On the other hand
, some believe that kind of playing is so harmful and detrimental, even for parents and children. They mainly see that it ruins and damages social life, as gamers are often spending their whole day on a game.
For instance
, when I was younger, I used to play for around 6 hours per day, and
as a result
, I could not spend any time with my family and relatives. I mean it wastes a lot of hours. So I suppose parents should take a serious step towards finishing
issue from existing among youngsters. In a nutshell, As far as I am concerned, I believe that
are really beneficial, even though there are some little disadvantages
as ruining the studying of school subjects. Personally, I see that their benefits are far greater than their drawbacks.
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