You are going to have a family party in a private room in a hotel.Write a letter to the hotel manager.In your letter, say: why you need to use this private room what you need them to provide for the party inquire about the price of the food you are ordering

Dear Sir or Madam, I am wiring
to inquire about the availability of your hotel's private room, on the 25th of September. We are going to celebrate our parent's 40th wedding anniversary on that date,and we expecting about 50 guests. We have planned to have a dinner party, so I would love to rent out your venue on that date. You should be in charge of the buffet dinner for the guests, event decorations, all beverages, and the cake structure.
In addition
, I will need a projector, because I have a presentation to share about the sweet memories of our family. Make sure there is an electricity backup.
, please share a detailed quotation about your services, and most importantly about the availability of the room.
, it would be nice if you can share your ideas about the party decorations because we have had prior discussions about the party. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Supun Yours faithfully, Supun
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