You arranged to visit a friend in England but an important event at home now means that you must change the dates of visit. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter: -Explain the important -Apologize for the situation -Suggest a new arrangement

Dear Amanda, I hope my letter finds you well and healthy. I was so excited to see in
week but unfortunately, I got some important work at home. So, I had to postpone my visit to England
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another month. Actually, yesterday I got to know about my sister-in-law's Roka ceremony which is going to be held coming week, and I have to be present there by all means. She is just like my younger sister so I am so happy for her.
, I am disappointed that I have to postpone our plan to meet. Hopefully, in November month I would be free,
I would definitely come and will have fun there. I am really sorry that you already made all the arrangements for pick up from the airport. But I hope you understand my situation. All the best. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Yours Sincerely, Shikha
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