Employers should focus on personal qualities over qualifications and experience when choosing someone for a job. To what extent do you agree or disagree ?

Hiring the right candidate is always a matter of concern for employers. Many of them prefer individual qualities, rather than expertise when picking the most suitable person for the job. I strongly disagree with
kind of selection process because many jobs require skills and experience but not personal features. The following essay will
elaborate on my point of view. In
contemporary era, there are various jobs which cannot be performed without having the proper skill set. Professional jobs like software developer, accountant or registered nurse etc. require a lot of training in order to be eligible to fit in that role. These required skills cannot be earned sufficiently from their personal life experiences. In fact, it takes years of study to build the qualification or, maybe sometimes, needs an adequate amount of real-time work experience. A Computer Engineer,
for instance
, can be a good team player but without prior knowledge of programming skills, he cannot become a perfect fit for that role.
, professionals like a surgeon or any other medical practitioner need years of training on how to perform a proper diagnosis of a patient's body, as well as to find an effective method of treatment. If these professionals do not meet certain requirements for their corresponding roles,
the results may be fatal.
, any individual quality, which is a "must have" in a person who is applying for any particular position, will already be learnt in their pre-employment training.
, choosing someone to fill a vacancy by considering his own characteristics rather than the pre-requisites of that job role may turn out to be a major mistake which may lead to serious problems. In conclusion, I strongly disagree with the process of selecting a candidate based on his personal attributes
of looking for qualifications and expertise because, at the end of the day , it is their professional knowledge that does the work but not their qualities.
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