We are becoming increasingly dependent on computer-based technology. How do you think it will change in the future? Is it good for us to rely so much on computers?

are the product of the modern world and the rapid technological development we live in. Eventually, we should be thankful and grateful for its possibilities. Today, we find it difficult to get through a working day without it.
essay will extensively explain the usage of
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in the foreseeable future.
, we will analyze its negative impacts on society.
To begin
with, I am absolutely sure that in the
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future thinking machines will be used in performing daily chores in the house.
For instance
. Cleaning the floors can be done with minimum effort and time involved with the advent of robot maids.
In addition
, nowadays teachers can use
for teaching students online by staying in their own place.
In other words
, tutors can arrange multiple classes in different cities at the same time with the help of
, it is clearly seen from the post-pandemic situation that online teaching is becoming more and more popular, so
will be widely used not only in household work
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for teaching purposes.
uncontrolled usage of
very convenient tool has pretty many disadvantages. First of all, it looks like human beings will be replaced by machines leading to an increase in unemployment which in
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turn will provoke a rise in crime within the nation.
, the absence of the physical presence of teachers in the classroom will raise problems of discipline among the students.
In other words
, the social development of these pupils will be shared and thereby, will cause a hindrance to the nation’s social growth. In a nutshell, analyzing the above it can be concluded that
will be used for various activities at homes
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well as at educational institutions in the future. Albeit, the excessive utilization of these machines can boost the issues related to jobs causing a rise in crime and afflicting young people’s development. It is
hoped that people will be made aware of the harmfulness of relying too much on
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning
  • Automated
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Telecommuting
  • Digital Technology
  • Virtual Workplaces
  • Computer-assisted
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Reliance
  • Privacy
  • Human Interaction
  • Job Displacement
  • Automation
  • Digital Divide
  • Cybersecurity
  • Internet Safety
  • Digital Crime
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Environmental Impacts
  • E-waste
  • Carbon Footprint
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