The best way to ensure the growth of children is to make parents take parenting courses. Do you agree or disagree?

The 21st century witnessed the tendency of working parents and
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their children. Some claim that parenting classes are the best method to get a clear perspective of child-rearing. In my perspective, the principal factors of child growth are education and social media.
To begin
with, domestic help is the main character for the provision of care and understanding to their offspring.
For instance
, Mainland China during the period of the 80s and
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were the main stage of marriage partners who usually were distributed to other districts
for earning
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to earn
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a living.
Due to
the absence in the juniors' lives, fathers and mothers tend to compensate them in terms of material, but not in love and care. Parenting classes open a window for the way of authoritative parents who could set up goals and expectations for pupils. With advanced technology, the caring characters could have a recognition of their children's situation and provide a certain reward and reflection on the current condition. A case in point is that in China during the 21st century, upbringing realizes the priority of the relationship between children and the breadwinner under parenting classes which contributes to the goal-oriented generation
as a result
method could only be effective when the root causes are improved. The growth of the new generation involves education and the infotainment of online platforms. Schooling including morality is at the top of students' agendas. Holland,
in particular
, the responsibility of a teacher is not restricted to passing on knowledge
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focused on nourishing discipline and integrity. On top of that, with the most renowned educational system, youngsters are encouraged to explore the world in terms of travelling, gaming, and thinking out of the box under the boundary of morality. Even if the violent culture and some misleading information are broadcast online, fellows could analyze by themselves or under the guidance of tutors,
not to mention
that the news agencies in Holland mainly reflect the truth without any stands with interest.
, it becomes one of the best-developed countries with the lowest crime rate and the highest employment rate.
To conclude
, parenting programs could be beneficial in adolescence only when school culture and the press are the correct guidance on leading teenagers’ ideology and behaviour.
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