Some companies and organizations require their employees to wear uniform. What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing uniform.

It is often considered that employees should follow the trend in the organisation
they should wear uniforms in offices.
essay will elaborate on the positive sides which
lead to a logical conclusion. Commencing with some advantages are like a few companies want to follow their culture in premises
they provide uniform to all manpower.
, it is believed that wearing the same cloth represents unity in a place.
, in school manyfold children are found to be in the same dress because it helps in maintaining equality.
, businessmen used to spread messages among workers while having the same colour clothing.
, a few youths like to have uniforms because they do not want to spoil their new dresses.
For example
, Poly Medicure Pvt Ltd is a medical device industry which provides the same dresses to all members to spread unity and equality between individuals. Probing ahead, with some drawbacks, having similar clothing in the company the masses would feel like living in restriction.
In other words
, employees want to enjoy their life with freedom and show their personalities between groups despite uniforms taking away
, if the uniform has decided based on the reputation of the position,
of creating uniformity, it increases the gap between employees.
For instance
, working masses want to earn money and facilitate their life to
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themselves in which they feel irritated while living under restricted in the organisation. In a nutshell, uniform helps in maintaining equality in the workplace. ,
it depicts offices representative in the market which helps others to know about
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • uniform policy
  • corporate identity
  • work attire
  • equality
  • professionalism
  • brand image
  • personal expression
  • dress code
  • morale
  • team cohesion
  • security measures
  • cost implication
  • employee satisfaction
  • workplace culture
  • individuality
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