Write a letter to a friend expressing your interest to seek employment in a different country. Your letter should include: – Why you want to work in a different country – What type of work you will be looking for – Questions you have about working in a different country that your friend may be able to answer

Dear Peter I hope you're doing well! I'm writing to let you know that I would to seek jobs in Singapore country. I'm delighted if you support me. Currently, my role is Data Governance specialist in the IT department. I'm leading a new project and it will be a nearly ending project. Next month, it will go into the maintenance phase and will finish by July, so I would like to take the opportunity to find a job and improve my skills, especially in English and communication. I would like to find out a job in my field in the Healthcare industry.
, I have one more year's experience from
, I would like to improve
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healthier and help customer help live longer. By the way, I would like to hear more information from
country, I hope you can share the advantages and disadvantages of things in
country. I would like to hear more. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Thanks and regards Vy
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