your child is going on a three day school trip to another country.The school trip to another country.The head teacher wants to find parents to go with the group and you would like to go. say why you wants to go suggest what you could do to help ask questions about the trip.

Dear sir/Madam, I am writing
letter to show my interest in the school trip which is going next week to the US(United States of America)for three days. I want to go because
week my whole family got an Us visa ,and we would like to go next month.But, my child could not get a day off approval from the teachers as there will be final exams after a couple of weeks, so I do not want to affect the study of
Correct article usage
the child
show examples
.Now ,fortunately, we got the opportunity to go together;
, studies will not be affected.
, Being a mom and a Nurse I better know the needs and care of children.During any ,emergency I can provide care in a better way.
Apart from
, my whole family is living in Us ,They have opened brand new hotels over there, and students can stay free of cost , as I heard students need to pay 200 dollars for Accommodation only . Anyway, I would like to know the timing , total cost and other important materials which are needed during
trip .Your school held trips annually,so you guys have a better idea. I hope you will consider me for
trip .I will wait for your reply. yours faithfully, Navjot Kaur.
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