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I am writing this letter to express my interest for the trip to the USA which your school will organize next month. I would like to join my son and other students because my hectic and busy schedule I would not able to go for our pre plan trip last month. But, next month I have a time so this is a great opportunity for me to spend some quality time with my family.
I'm writing to request you to count me in the group for a three-day school trip to Sweden you are organizing. Recently, when I found that you are looking after parents to accompany their children on this trip, it gave me relief from my worry about my son.
I am Angelica Dy, mother of James Dy, I am writing this letter to enquire from you the recent announcement of the school that they will have a three-day trip to Japan next month. After hearing it, I'm worried for my son, knowing it will be his first time travelling to a different country without his parents by his side.
I am Angelica Dy, mother of James Dy, and I am writing to enquire from you that your school is planning a three-day trip next month to Japan. I have mixed feelings when I heard the announcement from my son because never he had the chance to travel from a long distance, especially to another country. However, I also that you want a parent to accompany them on the expedition and I'm glad in volunteering myself for that position. I am a nurse at the hospital, and with my expertise, I can help the children if they get injured along the trip. There was a time that I got to visit Japan during my college days so I can still speak their language even a little. Do let me know what are the plans during the outing and the specific dates in order for me to organize my schedule ahead of time.
I am writing this letter to express my interest in accompanying my son on the institution trip to the USA. I was already planning a foray to the USA with my child but due to my busy ,schedule we could not travel. However, I will be available next month so it will be a great opportunity for me to join my son on this seminary outing.
I am writing to let you know that I am interested in be part of the group who will accompany our children during the foreign school travel. In addition, I would appreciate it if you answer my questions about your planning for this period.
I am excited to write this letter to express my interest in the trip to Canada along with my kid. I have a strong desire to visit the best place in Vancouver in Canada as we are going to see some historical and mesmerizing constructions. On the other hand, we have breathtaking scenery throughout the city.
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