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My name is Natallia Krasna. I am the mother of Yana Krasna from the 3rd grade. I am writing to you to ask about an upcoming three-day school tour to another country that I would like to join along with the class because
This is Dhara patel, mother of Arya patel. I am writing this letter with regards to the upcoming three day school trip to United kingdom and I would like to sign up for the same.
I am writing this letter to show my gratitude toward the opportunity provided by you that parents can come with the school trip . I want to express my deep interest to this trip because it will be a new experience for me
This is khashayar Partovi- Mary’s father. I am writing this letter regarding a three-day school trip to Paris. I would really like to sign up for this journey.
I am writing this letter because my kid told me yesterday that the School will be holding a field trip to Singapore, and he told me that you want to be absent the parent who wants join to Singapore.
I am Shiva Prasad, father of Devansh, who was studying in the 4th class in your school. I came to know that a school trip is planned to abroad for 3 days. I am writing this letter to inform my willingness in attending th
I am the father of one of your students called Gibsy Wong, and I am writing to ask about the possibility of joining you on a trip to Thailand that the school has conducted.
I am writing to you regarding the upcoming trip to Germany for which you are looking for parents to accompany the children. I am delighted to volunteer to help out.
I am writing in connection with the notice posted on the school forum looking for parents to go on a three-day school trip to another country. I would like to nominate myself.
I have recently received the (a) letter from the school about requiring parents to participate in the school trip at China for three day which will be held next month. Fortunately, I have a holiday and available to go to
This is Sarah Johnson's mother - Ruby Johnson. I am writing this letter with the connection of the upcoming 3-day trip in Canada that the school is planning for the children. I would like to sign up for it if possible.
I am writing with regard to the opportunity given to parents to follow their children during the international travel, I am really interested to take part with my daughter.
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