Some companies and organisations require their employees to wear uniform. What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing uniform.

Undoubtedly, nowadays the number of those companies that require their
to wear uniforms is increasing.
, organisations usually invest more and more money to boost their brand exposure, and a good way is to wear their
. In my mind, there are more advantages than disadvantages to wearing a
, I`m going to give my opinion
essay. To commence, today we've been living in a competitive world in which companies around the world are struggling hard to increase their business revenues,
on the other hand
, adding value through advertising is becoming really expensive.
According to
a survey made by the New York Times, businesses have chosen small actions to achieve their goals,
as providing uniforms and investing in social networks. So, in my mind, the
offers a simple way for people to memorize a brand's name, and propose an organisational environment for business.
, the classic job requires that
work at least five days per week, and for those who make a basic salary monthly could be complicated to dress up their own clothes every single day.
For instance
, the trade union interviewed many workers in the USA, only for understanding the value of uniforms for these individuals. To be honest, the interview was a success and around 80% of them voted that
is a very important benefit, mainly for them saving some money. Honestly, the goal of
interview was to achieve those who make basic wages per month,
on the other hand
, I deeply believe these
need to be heard. In conclusion, a
is a vital tool for business organizations, and those concerned about the environment and quality of organisations should invest in these successful benefits.
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