Figures show that some countries have an ever-increasing proportion of the population who are aged 15 or younger. What do you think are the current and future effects of this trend for those countries?

Youth plays a vital role in the growth of many nations . Today most countries reported a dramatic increase in the younger generation compared to the older ones.
essay will discuss the causes that going to account in present and
for a country because of
development. First of all, the younger generation can make a lot of changes to a
because they are really energetic and smart. To elaborate , if the younger population increases it will lead to economic growth in a
. It is obvious that the outsourcing of foreign companies from various regions will become more interested
to open
Change preposition
in opening
show examples
new branches in the country to acquire more talented and creative employees so that they can enhance the productivity of the corporates.
, corporates provide huge salary packages to
Verb problem
show examples
younger minds to the institution for different vacancies .
, it will lead to changes in the infrastructure of the cities in the
by accounting
Change preposition
for a
show examples
significant variation in every sector
as transport , health and education , eventually ,
Correct pronoun usage
show examples
owing to a sudden rise in economic growth.
, in the
, the current belief and cultures of the nations will innovate when the younger generation recognise other traditions are more exciting and fun than their current culture. Thereby, it will change the entire
Fix the agreement mistake
show examples
, laws and lifestyle of the country .
Wrong verb form
they create
show examples
new beliefs and traditions in countries.
For example
, in India living together custom was seen as a crime in the early days ,
nowadays the law has completely changed by allowing citizens to do so. In ,addition unemployment could be major and could be a major problem for nations to concern more
Remove the comma
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because every individual will be highly educated and talented in every profession . Thereby , it will lead to huge completion in every work sector, as a result , major people.will be unemployed in the
To conclude
, young people can be.a good asset for every
because they are highly talented and energetic as
Correct article usage
a result
show examples
they can provide so many benefits to communities .
, in ,
it can have some drawbacks like diminishing.of old cultures and unemployment.
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coherence cohesion
The essay lacks a clear structure with an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. It also lacks a clear thesis statement and a clear summarizing conclusion, making it difficult to follow the writer's train of thought.
task achievement
The essay addresses the task, discussing the current and future effects of the trend of an ever-increasing proportion of the population aged 15 or younger. However, the response lacks depth and specific examples to support the points made, resulting in a superficial treatment of the topic.

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