Despite the rapid growth of economy, many adults today still cannot read or write. How does this affect their lives? What can government do to help them?

It is true that there are still some adults who lack the ability to read and write in the growing economic development. The absence of these basic skills would have detrimental effects on their lives and work, and governments should make much more effort to help them. With the increasing population of people who lack the ability to gain knowledge by themselves, many problems can be predicted.
To begin
with, they are hard to find a stable career and decent income to improve themselves and provide great living standards for their family.
For example
, they cannot apply for an ideal job in the competitive job market.
In addition
, it would limit those people to understand some advertisements and news in daily life.
As a result
, they will find that communicating with others is a challenging and demanding task, which restricts their access to social circles at a higher level.
inability would make them become less confident and afraid to talk to strangers
due to
their fewer topics.
, it
has a big impact when they are teaching their younger child
due to
limited reservoir of knowledge and social experience. There are several actions that governments can take to solve these problems mentioned above.
, the government ought to invest more money in the education system for the people who are living in rural areas and allocate more human resources to these disadvantaged places. The second approach is that the community can construct more libraries for free to citizens and even organize courses that teach adults who are illiterate to assist them to read step by step.
For instance
, the communities should call for volunteers to hold competitions for literacy to attract their participation.
, relatives and friends should encourage them and spend time and patience teaching them
of discriminating against them.
,they should improve their awareness of studying. In conclusion, people’s lives and jobs would be greatly impeded and actions should be taken along several fronts: through more investment, easier access to literate courses, a better atmosphere to study and enhanced awareness of literacy to mitigate the influences.
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