The growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in towns and cities closing. Do you agree or disagree ?

Online shopping has taken the world of the Internet by storm. The question of whether online websites will replace all the shops in towns and cities is a huge debate. I completely agree with the fact that Cyberspace can replace offline
essay will illustrate my belief and prove why I strongly approve.
, Items are sold at a discounted rate in Internet
. The reason behind,
is that no middlemen and store charges on the marked price of the product.
drastically reduces the cost of an item.
, customers have the prerogative to check the reviews of a product before purchasing the item. Henceforth, it helps us make a decisive decision on brand selection.
For instance
, I recently purchased a Mobile Phone from Amazon, based on the reviews provided by other clients.
helped me eliminate the mobiles that did not have good camera quality and insufficient storage.
has helped local vendors from small villages to sell their products online. They completely eradicated the middlemen from
enormously benefitted the local shop vendors. They directly receive money from the buyer without any discrimination and it helps them improve their lifestyle. Websites
as CountryDelight , Big Basket etc. have helped local farmers increase their income and improve their social stature. These companies ensure that customers get the best quality products at reasonable prices.
To conclude
, Online shops provide products at a cheaper rate when compared to offline
and they have drastically improved the financial stability of poor vendors.
, there is no doubt that the Internet Market is going to be a market leader in Retail Business. After a thorough analysis, it is hereby concluded that E-Commerce will replace offline
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • e-commerce
  • brick-and-mortar
  • physical stores
  • online retailers
  • retail apocalypse
  • digital economy
  • consumer behavior
  • sustainability
  • commercial landscape
  • high-street
  • consumer trends
  • augmented reality
  • showrooms
  • carbon footprint
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