Many people believe that playing games and watching TV programs is beneficial but others say it doesn't improve the mental ability of children. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

A lot of people think that by spending some
and playing
you will earn some benefits from it . I Totally Disagree with
due to
the reasons which will be discussed in the following paragraphs
I am going to talk about what
shows and movies do to the human brain. Challenging can it be to sit down and not burn some phosphorus. The why of
that is
when your body is awake your mind is fully working and you need to use that kind of energy for some good reasons. If you do not, the body will get used to it so fast
the mind will get really lazy especially, in the middle ages or youth
will affect the future of that person and all their relatives. By way of example, research has shown by a survey on old persons who are struggling with Dementia have watched
more than 10 hours a week in the past and that was the reason they were diagnosed.
, television and goods like that can help a person gain a salient amount of weight.
To begin
with when people use television and video
most of the
they do not do much so they kind of stick to a chair and the only part of their body that they use is one or two fingers. So being held still will cause Artery and heart failure. And the
example is they can not give good reasons for living and for sure they will die sooner than others. If they do not die sooner they will suffer from depression. In conclusion, despite the fact that playing
and watching movies can reduce anxiety for just a brief moment it is not good to spend so much
on so I totally disagree with many people that watching
can be beneficial.
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