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Lots of people tend to think that video games and TV programs are not good for children's development. However, I am not the one. In this essay I will try to prove that innovative forms of entertaining content are as good for children as traditional ones.
In this modern era of technology, TV channels and games play an indispensable role in our lives. Some communities suggest that these activities are imperative while many are concerned that it doesn't benefit the children intellectually. I hold the content
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Nowadays, children are very addicted to watching television as well as showing videos on smartphones.Some humankind thinks that playing games like chess,cubic and many more are useful for children's brains whilst others argue that it's harmful to the juva
No one can deny that In this modern world playing online games and watching TV shows is good for children While other individuals believe it does not improve the brain ability of kids. I disagree with this notion, Games will be good for every mentor they
Although, many people believe that playing games and watching TV are favourable for children's psychological capacity, others mention that it is not true. I support the fact that doing those activities is unhealthy for children's psychical health to a lar
The majority of individuals perceive that indoor and outdoor activities such as sports, television etc. are of utility, however, the rest of the population think that it hampers the cognitive development of the kids. As far as my opinion is concerned, I d
One of the conspicuous trends of today`s world is a colossal upsurge in the number of people who think that participating in online sports and paying attention to Television series plays a significant role in children's life. On the one ,hand few ethics s
Undoubtedly it is true fact in the cutting-edge era machinery is developing day by day. So it helps to influence the masses in ample ways like watching TV and other programs.
Playing games and watching TV are an enjoyable activity for many people. In fact, I strongly agree to those who argue that playing games and watching a program on TV are leading to many advantages for children.
I agree. if you are playing games (every day) and not doing your assignments, I am 85% sure that you will fail because assignments are VERY important especially when it's due tomorrow or later. but if you are using your phone for studies, I agree. because
A lot of people think that by spending some time on TV and playing games you will earn some benefits from it . I Totally Disagree with this opinion due to the reasons which will be discussed in the following paragraphs
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