Some people get into debt by buying things they don't need and can't afford. What are the reasons for this behavior? What action can be taken to prevent people from having this problem?

Nowadays, youngsters spend on needless exorbitant commodities, which results in
due to
their budgets being bankrupted from many financial wastes.
phenomenon likely stems from the influences of a consumerism society and is stuck in a financial credit trap owing to the lack of financial knowledge. There is a general consensus about a potential solution for financial education.
To begin
with, it is undeniable of the influences of consumerism culture to
. Perhaps the gravest impact is peer pressure, people attempt to own some symbolised commodities just to achieve validation from their friends because they want to integrate into a community.
In addition
, in a materialistic culture, people prefer buying expensive
to generate a good impression of others' surroundings, which makes them feel compelled and beyond their means.
, the prevalence of digital marketing in Korean consumerism society in social networking sites with many psychological effects that were applied to these advertisement videos to persuade a target consumer group to buy these productions.
For example
, aggressive emotional marketing techniques including fear of missing out and retail therapy in advertising campaigns have proven their effectiveness, which led to impulsive buying of youngsters in Korea and temporary skyrocketing sales during Korean holiday events.
, many businesses launched their promotional events with plenty of discount codes and a lot of financial assistance methods to support some people, who do not have enough financial capacity, to buy their preferred
As a result
, the availability of credit cards and loans with relatively low barriers to entry can make it easy for individuals to accumulate debt, which might make them struggle with a
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high interest
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ratio of
loan and some punishment fees as they did not pay their fees on time. In general, the lack of basic financial literacy and impulsive decision-making from losing control of emotions have contributed significantly to
, the most optimal way to alleviate
phenomenon is to strengthen financial knowledge about some financial assistance options provided by financial institutions.
helps them choose the better loan with the lower fees and avoids any punishment fee in their contract.
type of course helps them have a better financial scheme and minimizes being stuck in a financial trap.
, they
need to consider the actual necessary
based on their requests to minimize financial waste for these trashes.
To conclude
, it is advisable that the lack of basic financial knowledge and impulsive decision-making are two of the predominant factors in
, which can be solved by following a financial course and considering the actual necessary
for themselves.
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