Your local public library wants to make improvements to their services and facilities. In order to get ideas from the public, they have asked library users to send them suggestions in writing. Write a letter to the librarian. In your letter  describe what you like about the library  say what you don’t like  make suggestions for improvements.

Manager, I hope
letter finds you well. My name is Hendra and I am one of the students and regular customers of your
. I am writing
letter to inform my suggestion regarding your announcement about how to improve your
services and facilities. On top of that, I really admire the facilities in
that have equipment to support customers in reading.
For instance
, in every
Correct your spelling
, there are always
stairs to assist readers in picking up a book. The facilities are satisfactory if there are many tables and chairs for the visitor to use. As a student, me and my group need a place to discuss about school program and it needs big tables and a couple of chairs. I kindly suggest adding more tables and chairs for the
, so customers can read peacefully without being distracted by reading
standing. Thank you and Regards,
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task response
Address the specific points mentioned in the writing task, and ensure that your response fully addresses each aspect of the prompt in a clear and focused manner.
coherence cohesion
The logical structure of the letter could be improved by organizing the content more clearly and coherently. Use appropriate transitions and organization to better connect ideas.
lexical resource
Expand your range of vocabulary to express ideas more precisely and avoid repetition. Use a variety of words and phrases to enhance the richness of your writing.
grammatical range
Pay attention to the use of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure to convey your message clearly and accurately. Use a range of grammatical structures to express ideas effectively.
Topic Vocabulary:
  • suggest
  • recommend
  • propose
  • advise
  • commend
  • commendable
  • improve
  • enhance
  • expand
  • extend
  • benefit
  • accommodate
  • organize
  • community events
  • programs
  • collection
  • e-books
  • digital resources
  • signage
  • workshops
  • classes
  • skills
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