The best way to solve the traffic congestion in the city is to provide free public transport 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Traffic is an enormous urban problem in megacities, which provides solutions like free public
24/7. The vast majority of society choose to have their own car, rather than use public
, which follows a traffic jam. Personally, I believe that providing free public
is a good idea, despite
has its disadvantages.
, a
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like free
can decrease the number of cars on the road,
as well as
reduce environmental pollution. That will help people to get to work on time, even in rush hour and live in a city with clean air.
For example
, the Scandinavian countries have free
in modern days and, as we can see the result is impressive. These areas have less pollution, than anywhere else in the world.
, the benefits of free communal
include increased access for low-income individuals and reduced cost of living by removing
For instance
, the example we can see nowadays is student ID, which gives a huge discount on every road.
On the other hand
, free mass transit alone might not be sufficient to solve traffic congestion. Measures,
as improving infrastructure and promoting alternative
methods could
be necessary.
, the government can find funding and maintenance challenges,
as well as
a possible decrease in quality. In conclusion, summing up all the information free public
can be a really excellent solution for the majority of cities.
, every town can not be solved only with
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • urban planning
  • mass transit systems
  • traffic flow
  • rush hour
  • vehicle emissions
  • sustainable transportation
  • infrastructure development
  • commuter habits
  • overcrowding issues
  • public funding
  • quality of service
  • economic feasibility
  • environmental impact
  • modal shift
  • accessibility
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