The best way for governments to solve the problem of traffic congestion is providing free public transport 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Traffic congestion is becoming a vital problem in cities all around the world. Some people believe that a way to solve
issue is to offer free transport all the time. Even though implementing
can help decrease the number of vehicles on the streets, I disagree with
solution because of the cost and capacity of public conveyance. Admittedly, by providing free transportation at all times, there will be less use of cars or motorcycles to get to different places.
For example
of ordering cabs, individuals who do not own a personal vehicle can use the bus, subway, or train.
, saving a significant amount of money over time.
, some individuals might even stop using their cars or private con to avoid gas prices. Despite the benefits, I do not side with
proposal because regulating constant free public transport would be a financial burden for governments. Maintaining a large communal transport system is very costly.
, the cost will only get higher when there is an increased frequency of services.
, increasing taxes for citizens, and potentially putting a significant strain on the economy.
, as more people use public conveyance, there will be insufficient space for everyone, particularly those who need help to afford alternative modes of movement. More natural resources would be harmed if more rail stations or bus stops were created to accommodate.
To conclude
, a proposed solution to solve the traffic issue is to provide general transportation that always operates at no price.
into practice can lessen the number of vehicles on the road, I do not see eye to eye with
due to
the expense and capacity of public vehicles making the shift unfavourable.
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