Two maps show the change of a coastal town, called Pentland, from 1950 to 2007

Two maps show the change of a coastal town, called Pentland, from 1950 to 2007
The pair of maps depict the alternation in the layout of a coastal city
known as Pentland between 1950 and 2007, illustrating how the area underwent expansion over
period of time in terms of residential areas, business complexes and green spaces. A panoramic view of the maps unveils the full picture of urban development. It can be observed that a lot of people immigrated to Pentland by 2007, as the infrastructures and facilities became accessible to them in the coastal city. Flanking the main road on either side, numerous types of shops spread outwards, As the main road structure with two bisecting roads remained similar.
the industrial area of 1950 nestled in the west of the city was replaced with a swimming pool and multi-storey car parking in 2007. The grasslands in the northeastern and southeastern of the maps in 1950 were removed and the free spaces were shifted to multiple apartment complexes in 2007.
, the sea evolved into a Yacht marina encircled by roads.
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  • coastal town
  • layout
  • undeveloped
  • infrastructure
  • landmarks
  • rural
  • significant changes
  • tourist attractions
  • residential areas
  • housing estates
  • tourism-driven economy
  • green spaces
  • beachfront properties
  • coastline
  • environmental sustainability
  • economic growth
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