You recently booked a part time course at a college, You now need to cancel your booking. Write a letter to your college administrator. In your letter Say which part time course you’ve booked. explain why you need to cancel your booking ask about booking a different course. Begin as : Dear Sir or Madam

Dear Sir, I hope you are doing well. I am Harsh Desai and the reason I am writing
letter is to request you to cancel the course that I booked recently. I enrolled in Supply Chain Management as a part-time student, because I thought by doing
I could manage my work and study together.
, after a few weeks, I realized that it was not going as I planned because the classes were mostly on weekdays. Since I am a full-time worker, it is extremely hard for me to manage my studies and work together. That's why I have decided to withdraw my application.
, I found out that,
course covers only the basic level and I want to go for the advanced level.
, I was wondering if you have anything for me which suits my lifestyle. If I say in detail, I am looking to study advanced supply chain management rather than the basic level of it.
, please inform me if you have classes on weekends only, since I work the other five days of the week. I really appreciate you for considering my letter. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely, Harsh Desai
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task response
To enhance task response, ensure you provide all essential details as required by the task. In your case, you effectively mentioned the course and the reason for cancellation. However, you could make your request to book a different course more explicit by suggesting possible dates or alternatives.
coherence cohesion
For better coherence and cohesion, focus on seamlessly connecting your ideas. You've structured your letter logically, but using more transitional phrases could improve the flow. Consider phrases like 'In addition to this' or 'Consequently' to link your ideas more smoothly.
greeting and closing
Your greeting and closing are appropriately formal, which is excellent. To further enhance, perhaps personalize the closing by mentioning any future dealings you hope for with the college, thus making your letter more engaging.
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