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Offenders do stupendous violation for the lack of schooling. To reduce such criminal activities, criminals have to learn the lesson from teacher residing in jail. As a result, they would be able to get work after passing their imprisonment. I, holistically, agree with this point of view, but some other measures must be taken to minimize the criminality as well as the building better future of criminals.
Youngsters should improve their experience for future vocation and social life. One of the main means of achieving this goal is doing unpaid community job. In my opinion, it is necessary to be a member of these groups. This is a win-win game for both sides, teenagers and communities.
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Ancient buildings are considered as a part the of culture of the nation. It is a controversial issue these days that whether the authority should expand the money to restore to those antique edifices or they provide money for constructing new houses and streets. From my point of view, government must take care of heritage sites as well as contribute to the advancement on new residents and lanes.
As humans, we all need a break from our hectic schedules and employees are no exception in this matter. While I believe that the above statement is true, it may not always be worth giving a longer holiday to the employees.
These days, there are continuous debates regarding the harm of violence in social media and video games where some people state that it can have a negative impact to the public while others disagree. From my point of view, I strongly agree that this can create aggressiveness among the society.
It is undoubted that numerous nations are facing threat from the environment problems. Certain people argue that, the solution for this issue can be only found on the global stage, however, in my perspective, collaborative efforts of local government and international community is required to mitigate the issue.
Gender equality is such a debating point these days, where people argue and demand for gender equality for every aspect, for such in work, in education and even in household. To some extent it is fair enough to demand such a thing since we live in a modern world where both men and women are capable in doing similar tasks. However, if we look at this argument which states that tertiary educational institutions should accept the same counts of students for female and male in every subject, there are questions if this is the right initiative in achieving gender equality.
There is the truth that people feel tourism has caused many detrimental influences on the cultures and environments of a country. This essay will discuss the problems many countries face due to growing tourism industry and how these can be mitigated by setting up and raise individual awareness.
Although it is thought unjustified by some that successful athletes earn more income than other professionals, others hold the view that the pay is well -deserved. In my opinion, while it is valid to pay them such a huge amount, other workers ought to be paid according to their contributions to mankind.
I read about a job vacancy in the post of a waiter in your restaurant ‘Starbucks’ through a local newspaper. I am looking forward to applying for the post and hereby attaching my resume for your reference.
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It has been observed that there is a dramatic rise in the number of obese children in third world countries. This can be attributed to the involvement in several sedentary activities, lack of sports, and increased consumption of junk food. Solutions have been identified for this problem.
Nowadays, a group of people, argue that women are equally important as men and can perform well in the field of the defence system. In my opinion, this is a positive thinking and women are able to handle the task better. The following essay state points to support my views.
It is thought that only governments and large industries can cause a change in the environment with the members of the society having no roles to play. In my opinion, although authorities of a county and large businesses can make major impacts on preserving the environment, I do not agree that individuals can do nothing
Obesity is perceived as an unhealthy over weight condition occurs only in adult life. However, in recent years the number of children suffering from obesity has grown significantly all across the globe. This essay sheds some lights on various agents behind the obesity in adolescents and their weighty effects.
It is argued that presently people have several choices in contrast with the past. There are many reasons for this like nowadays everything can be done by online. In my opinion, I agree with the statement because of growth in the technology we have so many options, whereas it is not the case previously. This essay will provide evidence in support of this position.
Sports like Olympic Games and world cups have played a significant role in our community over the past half century, but, at the same time, some individuals consider these events as a waste of cash, time and hard work. In my opinion, I agree with this statement, because these resources can be used to provide better education and healthcare services.
Some people, including me argue that law enforcing agency should concentrate and spend their budget on school cultural activities rather than spending money for professional sports. However, there is a group supporting to spend more money towards public performance, not towards school's activity. The following essay states the points to support my opinion.
Along with other problems, it is considered as a big trouble in the world, which many people believe is unstoppable. I completely disagree with that because from my perspective, criminal activities can be prevented.
A lot of people believe that in order for us to stop global warming, we need to ban all products that have any form of carbon emission, which unfortunately petrol cars are one of those products. In this essay I will discuss why I don't think petrol cars should be banned.
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This essay is about to buy the different products to fulfil our dreams. In this essay we will argue about the both elements, to what extent we are agreed of disagreeing, and will share our opinion.
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