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I am glad to hear from you again. Hope you and your family are well. I heard that you'll be going to a camping holiday for the first time this summer. Have you chosen a place yet? If not, I'll recommend you a place called Angel Island which is located in southern Thailand.
Hope everything is well. Glad to hear that you are going on a camping holiday this summer to London scape region. I have being there last year and enjoyed a lot so I hope you also be able to get the similar excitement. Since this is your first time in a summer camp you will gain lot of experience in how to do a bonfire and to install a tent to stay the night.
Hope you are doing fine today, I was excited to receive a letter from you after a long time. I would say it is a good decision of yours to take a break from your hectic lifestyle and go out camping this summer. As am an avid camper myself, I can suggest you some spots for your trip.
Hope you and your family are doing well. I felt very happy to receive your letter yesterday. I realised that you will have gone on a camping holiday for the first time this summer. Have you chosen a place yet? I will recommend Morgon waterfall which is located in the Tia province. It is around a five-hour car journey from your house. To me, It is breathtaking beautiful. You can enjoy plenty of towering lush trees and divergent flowers along the way. It is stunning scenery. Moreover, there are a lot of water activities that are appealed to you. For instance, boating, whitewater rafting and stuff like that. As it is surrounded by a fantastic mountain, people could go climbing the mountain and come down from the waterfall. It is a kind of bungee jumping. It is really thrilling for those who are looking for exciting adventures.
I hope that this letter finds you well. I am very happy that you are planning to go for a camping holiday and thank you for taking me into confidence for some advice. I am sure that camping will provide an escape from your hectic schedule. Moreover, it will give you an opportunity to forget all kinds of tensions and enjoy nature.
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