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I am writing this missive to let you know that I have recently read an article by the name of"the book that influenced me most" from the Time Now magazine.As the article was all about the struggles a student faces in their career.Hence,it is beneficial for all the adolescents to read the complete article as it not only provides strength to tackle several issues but also it develops the reader's mind as there were plentiful ideas in the article.
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I am writing this letter with reference to your request to provide contributions from the readers for an article called “The book that influenced you” for your magazine and I would like to take this opportunity and provide details on the book that influenced me.
I am writing to you according to an article called 'The book that influenced you the most' . I have read a book when I was young and it really influenced me to be the person I am today and that is why I would like to share this to everyone.
I am joyful that your magazine is looking for reader 's opinion on their favourite book. I love reading and I would like to participate in this study and advocate for my all-time favourite publication: “Losing The Habit Of Being Yourself”.
I am writing regarding the contributions you are seeking from the readers for an article called 'the book that influenced me most", that you are planning to publish in next month’s featured edition. I would like to be a part of this article regarding a book that has had a great impact on my career.
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I am writing this letter to tell you about the book recently published by yourself; book influenced me most. It really touched the spirit of enhancing the habits of daily life and its approaches. The book delve in detail the necessary requirements for a successful leader in managing the time efficiently. Moreover, the required tips in managing the teams according to the business vision.
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