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How are you doing bro? I hope you and your family are in good health. I'm quite happy to hear that you are coming to spend your vacation here in Cairo, it will be a great occasion to meet you.
I hope this letter finds you well! I got to know that you are coming to India from Canada for two weeks through your letter. I am glad that you chose my country. I am here to help you with everything.
I hope you're doing well and glad to know that you're planning to visit Pakistan. It's been a long time since we met each other. I wish that you stay with me but my home is far away from the city and staying there could
Hope You're doing well. I have come to know that you coming to my country in upcoming holidays. It's a great honour for me to spending some days with you.
I hope you and your family are well. I’m so excited that you will come and visit my city next week. So, I’m writing to you and give you some information about my city.
I hope you are doing well. I am delighted to learn that you are planning to visit India for two weeks. I am more than happy to welcome you to our country.
I'm thrilled that you're planning to stay in my city for a two-week vacation. It's been quite a minute since we met and ate our favourite Panipuri. I'd be honored if you would like to stay with me and I'll show you aroun
I am so happy to hear from you! First of all, I know of a couple of local resorts that let you appreciate the local texture of the city to the fullest. They're all located inside the historic parts of the town and you ca
I'm so grateful to receive your letter and will be fantastic to enjoy your holiday in my city. I can wait to tell you about your vacation and provide you with some advice.
Hopefully, you will be in great spirits! I am glad to know that you chose our nation to explore. As you are coming here to spend a couple of weeks I will suggest you something during your visit.
I am writing this letter since I got your previous message regarding your plan of two-week stay in my city. I am glad that we could meet you after a long time, and I am very excited about this trip. I have a few plans in
Hope this letter finds you in radiant health and the best of spirits. I'm feeling grateful that you still remembered me, and for your kind letter. I'm pleased that finally, you made time to visit my country. I would sugg
I hope this letter finds you in good health. Last week I received your letter and I am happy that you are coming to my country.Here I will share my opinion it will help to plan your visit in advance.
I hope you're doing well.It has been a while since we meet each other.I'm really happy to read your letter and excited that you are coming to India for two weeks for your project.When you visited India last time you neve
I received your letter yesterday and glad to know about your visit to Karachi. I have also decided to apply for my annual leaves when you arrived in Pakistan. Meanwhile, If you have not arranged any accomodation yet then
Nice to hear from you that you are finally going to visit my country. I hope you planned your trip flexibly because I have some parts of advice on how to watch more.
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