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It can be ostensibly seen that Technology has continuously surged worldwide owing to providing fruitful benefits to them. Although, machines are usually situated in every arena tutors play a vital role in every st
The rapid advancements in science and the advent of technologies such as artificial intelligence and cellular networks have drastically altered our way of life. The education systems and teachers are similarly affected b
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Undoubtedly the improvements in technology have changed human life in recent years. What is significant is the fact that technology is considered one of the great replacements for teachers. There are some debates which
The use of technology is inclining in the modern world and growing technological influence can even be seen in the classroom.Does technology take the role of teachers in the future? According to some people,it can.But I
Due to the development of technology, some people claim that in the near future the occupation of teachers will be taken by technology, in my own opinion, I strongly agree with this statement, and I would like to describ
It is a contentious issue that the responsibility of the tutor will be replaced by robotics. In my opinion, I completely disagree because of lack of technological advancement and its inefficiency to create a bonding with
In this present generation, advancement in computer know how as overpowered manual education. The modern day world is presently making use of robotics and other technological device instead of man made efforts because t
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