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Statistical study has shown a steep rise in crime rate because of a number of reasons. This essay will dive into the causes and will suggest solutions to counter such problems in future.
A generation ago, people never used to lock their doors before going to sleep. The crime rate used to be zero to minimal. However, there is an increasing trend in the crime rate each year as per a survey. In this essay, I will intend to explore the issues for an increase in the crime rate and propose corresponding solutions as well.
In the last few years, we have seen a drastic escalation in crimes, year on year this rate has been incremental. The factors causing the rise are gender disorientation and money, to curtail the crime people should focus on working hard and should be taught to behave in company of a female. This essay will elaborate the reasons of such an increase and would suggest some solutions.
In recent days the range of illegal activities range rise, from my perspective I believe that the violations is grow yearly, to avoid this the governments need to severe penalties, the reasons and solution will be explained in the following paragraphs
Crime is a common problem in many countries around the world. I would like to explore some of the reasons for this modern phenomenon and offer some possible solutions to deal with this issue.
Each year criminal cases increases in the whole world and this problem might damage our life. The following paragraphs I will discuss the causes of increase the crime rate in our societies and give some solution to prevent this problem.
Year by year crime cases are increaseing in the world, which is big problem for all cuntries . There are many reasons behind raising noumber of crimes . We should find out the solution for stop crime .
The line graph compares the internet surfers as ratio of mass/ population in three nations, USA , Canada and Mexico over a decade between 1999 and 2009.
In recent times, the number of criminality continues to rise annually. There are several causes that contribute to this issue, namely individual awareness and the financial well-being of society. This essay will elaborate further on this topic and provide
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